Wind River

Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for mission-critical intelligent systems. The software-defined AI-first world is transforming market segments ranging from aerospace to industrial, defense to medical, and telecom to automotive. In this world increasingly driven by software innovation, Wind River® has been a technology pioneer, from having the first real-time operating system on Mars to playing a key role in the world’s first successful 5G data session and in building one of the largest Open RAN networks in the world. Wind River is accelerating digital transformation across industries by delivering the software and expertise that enable the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems from the edge to the cloud. Wind River technology is found in billions of products and is backed by world-class services and support and a broad partner ecosystem.

Posts by Wind River:

What are Multi-core Safety-Critical Avionics?

A multi-core processor is a type of central processing unit that integrates multiple individual processing units onto a single chip. It supports different cores executing their tasks simultaneously, for quick and enhanced overall performance. Multi-core processors nowadays support safety-critical avionics. Find out more about what multi-core processors are, what multi-core safety-critical avionics are, and how Wind River software enables multi-core processor usage.

Revolutionizing Ground Warfare Environment with Software-Enabled Armored Vehicles

Armoured vehicles which are purpose-built for mission-critical operations are reliant on control systems that provide deterministic behaviour to meet hard real-time requirements, deliver extreme reliability, and meet rigorous security requirements against evolving threats. Wind River® has the partners and the expertise, a proven real-time operating system (RTOS), software lifecycle management techniques, and an extensive track record to meet and exceed these requirements.

What Are Embedded Containers vs. Virtual Machines?

Embedded containers and virtual machines are both technologies that enable the efficient execution of applications, but there are distinct differences in how each performs in an embedded environment. Learn about these differences and how Wind River enables these technologies.