David Watkins

David Watkins is the solutions director at VIRTUS Data Centres, He heads up the Solutions Team working with customers to provide customized solutions. He has been at VIRTUS since 2009, where he has previously held the roles of service delivery director and head of operations. David has a technical and commercial background and can often be found speaking about sustainability at data centre industry events as well as authoring articles on the topic, which he is passionate and knowledgeable about. Prior to joining VIRTUS, David spent more than 15 years at Unisys. His last role with the company was head of data centres UKMEA.

Posts by David Watkins:

Addressing the environmental impact of the data centre

David Watkins, solutions director at VIRTUS Data Centres , share how you may have seen the recent news that Thames Water has launched a probe into the impact of data centres on water supplies in and around London, as it imposed a hosepipe ban on its 15 million customers in a drought-hit area. Ensuring that the data centre industry is sustainable has long been top of the agenda for data centre providers, as they work hard to use power and water responsibly. Indeed, companies in the sector are committed to innovative sustainability and renewable strategies that include ‘green’ renewable sources of power, rainwater harvesting, zero water cooling systems, recycling, waste management and more.