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How Dragos is safeguarding our civilization.

In a world of rising cybersecurity threats, Dragos protects the most critical infrastructure – those that provide us with the tenets of modern civilization – from increasingly capable adversaries who wish to do it harm.

The great workplace return.

90% of Employees Say Being Back In-Office Is Better Than Expected, Envoy Survey Reports. The way we work, interact, and communicate in the workplace has been flipped on its head since the pandemic. By:

The cost of living crisis.

What Communication Service Providers can do to help their customers cope with the cost-of-living crisis. We’re all familiar with the rip roaring marketing slogans of our U.K. Communication Service Providers – ‘together we can’, ‘The future is bright’, ‘It’s all about you’…but sadly, these no longer appear to ring true for the millions of consumers now facing the cost-of-living crisis, as telecom operators start to increase the financial squeeze on their own customers by driving up prices for Phone and Broadband usage.

Thriving In The 5G Era.

As consumer demand rises, and network availability expands, 5G is becoming more viable for widespread use — by 2027 it’s expected to cover 75 per cent of the world’s population. However, it’s still no secret that 5G uptake is dawdling and many enterprises still aren’t enjoying its benefits.

Future-Proof Your Business.

Delight customers, and stay ahead of competitors by selecting the right API management partner. Questions to ask, must-haves for partners, and what to do after you’ve built your shortlist.

Book Review: Catching Giants.

Business leader, Kevin Gaskell’s book ‘Catching Giants’ shows how small players can win big. The business leader who revived Porsche GB, boosted BMW GB’s profits by 500% and has built 15 companies, brings together his stellar business insights and lessons learned as part of the five-man team who went from novices to world champions in 1,000 days.

Why Low-Latency Is So Important.

Consumer interest in 5G technology has been fueled by the arrival of glamorous, speedy handsets such as Apple’s iPhone 12, with 5G networks now rolled out to many towns and cities across the country.

Why Virtual and Hybrid Events Are The Future Of The Industry

While Friday quiz nights on Zoom, graduations behind a computer screen and empty venues are now distant memory, other forms of online events are here to stay. The events industry, like most, was hit hard during the pandemic, faced with enormous pressure to adapt as long-standing normalities were torn apart by government mandated lockdowns and social distancing rules.

The Future of Communication

Communication makes the world go around. It is what drives life. And if we have learned nothing else in the challenging times, we have all recently experienced, we have learned the importance of communication and connection, however it is achieved.