Beyond Reality

The importance of edtech in the early years sector

Technology has become an operational mainstay across a multitude of industries – helping businesses, education establishments, governments, and charities to streamline their processes and enhance communications. When it comes to the early years education sector, this is no different. Chris Reid, CEO and founder of Connect Childcare, shares his thoughts on the intrinsic link between...

Atomtronics: researchers shine a light on post electronics

Most modern technologies owe their success to advances in electronics. Now researchers are starting to explore atomtronics: ways to harness the flow of waves of whole atoms, called matter waves, to enable new kinds of sensors, computers, and scientific research. Prof. Luigi Amico, Executive Director of Quantum Physics at the TII Technology Innovation Institute in...

The problem with emails and what the future holds

Matt Weston, Managing Director of digital transformation specialists Vantage 365, takes a look at the place of emails in corporate communications in 2021, contemplating whether they are still fit for purpose and why so many organizations are switching to alternative methods of staying connected.

How connected technology can help property developers reach future net zero

Nations and businesses around the world are working towards net zero targets, and reducing utility consumption is an obvious step in the process. With this significant focus on energy efficiency, how can property developers ensure future net zero compliance? Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies, explores the answer.

Are digital neighbourhoods the future for commerce?

It’s a trend that every retail business needs to get on board with – and fast – because in the digital neighborhoods of the future, people will ‘show up’ to online stores as an event; not only to browse and buy goods, but also to socialise and be entertained, just as they do in physical...

The metaverse: Why it matters for business

James Morris-Manuel, EMEA Managing Director of Matterport, explores why the metaverse: virtual replica of the built world, made up of billions of digital twins, will fundamentally change how we experience, interact with, and analyse the space around us.

Why human psychology is the key to effective human-robot interaction in the warehouse 

Craig Summers, UK Managing Director of Manhattan Associates, reflects on Manhattan Associates’ annual virtual event, Momentum Connect and its biggest takeaway. This was being treated to an excellent speaker session from Kate Darling, Professor of human-robot interaction, tech policy and ethics at MIT, looking at how people project human traits, qualities and emotions onto not just animals, but also...

Digital transformation for deskless workers

Empowering and maximising the potential of the world’s deskless workforce is key to creating a sustainable, efficient and thriving global economy in the aftermath of the pandemic. Kit Kyte, CEO, Checkit outlines how.

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