Ab Initio partners with BT Group to deliver big data

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Ab Initio partners with BT Group to deliver big data management at scale as the company makes the shift to an AI-led company

AI is becoming an increasingly important element of the digital transformation of many businesses. As well as introducing new opportunities, it also poses a number of challenges for IT teams and the data teams supporting them. AI requires access to vast quantities of data in order to be effective; meanwhile, at the same time, that very same volume of information makes handling that data in an AI context much more complicated than traditional business intelligence solutions. Instead of simply adding another layer to existing infrastructure, therefore, companies need entirely new systems that can handle a high volume of complex information while remaining accessible and useful for AI programs. To this end, Ab Initio has announced a partnership with BT Group to implement its big data management solutions on BT’s internal networks.

What is Ab Initio?

Ab Initio is a data management platform designed for the AI era. It takes a data lake approach so companies can store all their unstructured data on a single platform and use it for analytics and AI models. In order to make this approach work, Ab Initio has built a system capable of handling a very high volume of data while still making it easy for businesses to find the information they need. It’s an ontology-driven platform that lets users tag and organize data so they can find exactly what they’re looking for even in a huge volume of information. It’s also designed to make it easy to add data to the platform with no coding required. Its rich APIs make it easy to connect to a variety of data sources, including distributed databases and SaaS systems.

The partnership with BT Group

In addition to its general approach to data management, Ab Initio also includes a rich set of AI capabilities. BT Group has added these AI features to its internal networks so its employees can take advantage of them alongside the data stored on those networks. Ab Initio’s AI capabilities make it easy for data scientists and business analysts to identify patterns in their data and use those insights to make predictions about future events. They can also use these tools to automate the analysis process through machine learning, making it easier to find patterns in the future data. Meanwhile, Ab Initio’s data security features keep all of this sensitive information protected against unauthorized access. As the partnership between BT and Ab Initio is implemented, BT staff will have access to these capabilities through the same interfaces they currently use for data storage. This will make it easy for employees to use data analytics and AI without requiring any additional training or extra effort on their part.

What this means for BT and its customers

For BT, this partnership is a big step toward implementing its digital transformation strategy. By taking advantage of AI and implementing data analytics, BT can make its products and services more valuable to customers while also making them easier to use. This will allow the company to retain its existing customer base while also opening the door to new revenues and new types of customers. At the same time, BT’s customers stand to benefit from this implementation. By taking advantage of Ab Initio’s data analytics and AI capabilities, businesses can gain a real strategic advantage in the marketplace. They can use data insights to make better decisions, automate routine tasks, and even take advantage of predictive analysis to anticipate future events and avoid potential problems.

Lessons for organisations taking advantage of AI

BT’s implementation of Ab Initio is a great example of how companies can take advantage of AI without a significant investment in new infrastructure. By choosing a data management solution designed for the AI era, businesses can make it easy for their employees to access and find the data they need while also making it easy to integrate that data into AI programs. This approach also helps companies avoid a common mistake made by organisations taking their first steps toward AI. Many businesses try to run complex AI algorithms on the same infrastructure used for traditional data analytics. This approach often leads to unworkable levels of complexity and makes it difficult—if not impossible—to scale AI programs as the company grows.


By choosing a data management solution designed with AI in mind, businesses can make it easier to take advantage of data analytics and AI while also avoiding the pitfalls of a poorly-designed system. With a data lake approach, businesses can store all their unstructured data on a single platform, making it easier to find the information they need for analytics and AI programs. BT’s partnership with Ab Initio shows how organisations can use this approach to take advantage of AI without adding a significant amount of complexity. By taking advantage of Ab Initio’s data analytics and AI capabilities, businesses can gain a real strategic advantage in the marketplace.

An image of , Featured News, Ab Initio partners with BT Group to deliver big data

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