Nutanix on OVHcloud US Offers a Hybrid Multicloud Solution

The main components of Nutanix include:

Nutanix Prism This is the management plane for the solution, providing one-click operations to manage Nutanix environments. It offers features for infrastructure management and operation, including data analytics, infrastructure optimization, and automation.

Nutanix Acropolis This includes the Distributed Storage Fabric that provides enterprise-grade data management and storage services. It also includes the App Mobility Fabric, which offers VM placement, conversion, and migration capabilities.

Nutanix AHV This is a license-free virtualization solution included with Acropolis that delivers enterprise virtualization capabilities.


By leveraging these components into a single system, Nutanix environments simplify the complexity that comes with traditional data center infrastructures.

What is Nutanix on OVHcloud US?

The Nutanix on OVHcloud BYOL (Bring Your Own License) service is our pre-installed hybrid multicloud solution. This solution allows you to build a hybrid multicloud solution by bringing your own Nutanix Cloud Platform licenses to a cloud provider with a powerful, secure cloud environment.

With full license portability and seamless application extension to OVHcloud’s dedicated Nutanix-qualified high-grade Intel-based servers, you can get a ready-to-use and scalable Nutanix deployment in just a few hours. This saves you time and money, allowing you to implement this all-in-one hybrid multicloud solution without missing a beat.

Once implemented, Nutanix on OVHcloud will help you to manage all of your virtual environments from one convenient location, without the need for different software.

Why Choose Nutanix on OVHcloud US?

Simply put, Nutanix on OVHcloud provides great value for your money. The customizable Intel-based hardware is at the heart of the operation, extracting every bit of functionality from the Nutanix platform. You can scale up infrastructure when you need more resources, plan for disaster recovery, and bring your cloud system into the cutting-edge world of hyperconverged infrastructure. You’ll also be able to move your workloads, applications, and data seamlessly from your on-premises environment.

Hybrid Multicloud

Moving your environment can be time-consuming, tricky, and inefficient. With Nutanix Move, you can move everything from your applications to your virtual machines from your on-premises infrastructure, or a third-party hosting provider, to your Nutanix OVHcloud solution quickly and intuitively. Existing applications and workloads can also be migrated to the Nutanix AHV platform without the need for re-architecting.

Software-scalable solution

Nutanix on OVHcloud is a scalable solution. Using this flexible solution will allow you to add resources quickly and move workloads seamlessly. You can ramp up when expanding or working on new projects and just as easily ramp down as you narrow your scope of work. Nutanix’s and OVHcloud’s elasticity is one of the platform’s best features.

Dedicated and Ready-To-Use High-Performance Hardware

When choosing Nutanix on OVHcloud, you get access to our customizable high-grade Intel HGR-HCI servers. These dedicated servers give you two important advantages: network isolation from other OVHcloud servers and services, and a highly available environment designed for hyperconverged infrastructures. These Intel-based servers also support hot-swappable drives, so you can easily increase your storage without interrupting service.

Business Continuity

While it’s impossible to anticipate every disaster that could bring down your network, you can help ensure the network survives by having a disaster recovery plan (DRP) ready. With Nutanix on OVHcloud, you’ll be able to quickly recover or expand critical application data to your secondary public or private cloud.

Modernize and Innovate

Don’t get left behind by new technologies. Nutanix on OVHcloud lets you accelerate application development and modernization on a unified management plane without the risk of retooling or rearchitecting. You’ll spend a fraction of the time you normally would to stay modern, saving you money and resources that could be put to use elsewhere.

Cost Competitive

OVHcloud is priced competitively due to our commitment to manufacturing our own products, which allows us to be more flexible with pricing. We also own the network we use. With our vertical integration, we can decrease costs and pass on the savings to you. OVHcloud also doesn’t limit your access to resources as you can easily add more, á la carte, whenever needed. When you need more memory or computing power, you can easily scale up through automation.

Secure Private Network

The Nutanix platform is hosted on your own private cloud, so only you and your team can access the infrastructure. Access to the Prism Central Interface is further protected, adding another layer of security. You can also access our universe of solutions via vRack, our layer two private networks.

With vRack, you can connect your Nutanix cluster to any OVHcloud solution you might need to run other workloads. These solutions include our bare metal cloud and other private cloud offerings, or even our public cloud. If you’re worried about going outside your private network, we have that covered, too. You can create a private network across data centers by stretching vRack between your private cloud and OVHcloud’s data centers.

Speed, Reversibility, and Mobility

Vendor lock-in, hardware management, and multiple control platforms are becoming relics of the past. Sticking to outdated hardware and practices puts you a step behind the competition, as your ability to embrace new technologies is limited. With Nutanix on OVHcloud, you don’t have to worry about being outdated. You’ll be able to achieve application, workload, and data mobility across on-premises, public and private clouds on a secure and unified control plane.


We have taken sustainability seriously since the inception of the company, committing to reducing IT component waste, optimizing data center energy consumption, and innovating energy-efficient cooling systems. For example, in 2003, we introduced the concept of water-cooling CPUs to conserve energy, and today we deliver powerful CPU water-cooling to support big data computing. We also reduce component waste by maximizing component lifecycles through second and third-life products.

OVHcloud is also a VMware Zero Carbon Committed (ZCC) partner. Contributing to a more sustainable world, our public goal is to power our data centers using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

The Hybrid Multicloud Solution You Have Been Waiting For

Hyperconverged infrastructure is the future of cloud computing. It integrates networking, computing, and storage into a single framework and makes it possible to manage it all from a single, software interface that’s easy to use and intuitive. And when you combine that with OVHcloud’s powerful Intel HGR-HCI servers, what you get is a hybrid multicloud solution that’s hard to beat and easy to deploy.

From dedicated servers to hosted private clouds and enterprise solutions, OVHcloud offers a lot of flexibility. Whether you’re operating a small network of a few dozen people or a much larger network expanding across the country or the globe, there’s an OVHcloud solution right for you. If you want to learn more about what OVHcloud can do for your business, contact us today.

Joon Lee

Product Marketing Manager, OVHcloud US

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