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Overcoming the Obstacles to AI Adoption

The power of AI combined with suitable use cases and a robust implementation plan can help businesses to radically reduce the time spent on manual, repetitive tasks, and allow teams to prioritise value-added work.

But in all the excitement, it’s evident that many businesses are held back by inertia, and a lack of understanding about how to actually go ahead and implement AI into their business.

Future Workforce Record Revenues of €3.3m

Future Workforce, the intelligent automation and advanced analytics experts, have reported record revenues of €3.3m for the 2021 Financial Year ending 30 April. The Future Workforce Group, with offices in Bucharest, Cluj, London, Manchester, Munich and Eindhoven owes its’ rapid growth to a series of large client wins including Refinitiv, Knight Frank and Sephora.

Zoom Acquiring Solvvy for Contact Center Expansion

Zoom has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Solvvy, a leading conversational AI and automation platform for customer support, to offer elevated customer service experiences to a global enterprise base and work quickly to capitalize on new opportunities in contact center and customer support.

Deep learning: administer the vaccine before the infection takes hold

Staying at the bleeding edge of innovation is the only way to outpace attackers. However, most organizations are settling for a mitigation approach to cybersecurity which only engages once the adversaries have breached the perimeter. Attacks then need to run before they’re picked up and checked to see if they’re malicious, sometimes taking as long as 60 seconds. When dealing with an unknown threat, 60 seconds is too long to wait for analysis. A prevention approach is far more effective, explains Brooks Wallace, VP EMEA at Deep Instinct, as it operates on the basis that the attackers are not permitted to come within arm’s length of the network perimeter. And at the centre of this approach is deep learning. 

Does AI have a positioning problem?

John Galpin, Co-Founder Design by Structure, looks at the state of AI today, its role over the next decade, and its positioning problems with clarity, perception and choice of language.