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What are tomorrow’s cloud leaders thinking about today?

Organisations today – from end-users to channel companies and industry groups – are all working to optimize their use of cloud technologies. Although there are increasing numbers of businesses seeing cloud’s benefits, and diminishing minorities operating on-premises, there are nonetheless hurdles that are common to all. OVHcloud’s annual conference at the London Stadium on June 20th will bring together its ecosystem and help drive sustainable progress and excellence for all.

The Future of Cloud: A Realistic Look at What’s Ahead

Cloud computing has transformed the way we work, communicate, and consume technology. From storing data to running applications, the cloud has become an essential part of our lives. But what does the future hold for this technology? In this article, we’ll take a realistic look at the future of the cloud and what we can expect to see in the coming years.

BT uses AWS Wavelength for 5G and cloud services

New long-term, multi-million-pound investment gives BT’s UK business customers access to edge computing services – with the first site now live for customer trials in Manchester, before general availability targeted for later this year

Keeping AI cost effective in the move to cloud

Can Artificial Intelligence Deliver Real Value Today?

AI is in its infancy, but the early shoots of growth hold great promise for the industry. According to the Boston Consulting Group, although 59% of organisations have developed an AI strategy, and 57% have carried out pilot projects in the area, only 11% have seen any kind of return from AI. That said, the potential is vast; some sources estimate that the size of the global AI market could increase tenfold from $15bn (2021) to $150bn by 2028, and in the UK, expenditure on AI technologies could reach £83bn by 2040, from £16.7bn in 2020.

Whatever the application, most AI projects usually start as small, experimental tests hosted on a server in-house, and eventually graduate to cloud environments, where their uptime, security, scalability and maintenance can be assured. However, this migration is often the most difficult and painful.

No Drama Data Migration

With Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments at record levels, the speed and effectiveness of data migration has come under the spotlight. Every step of this data migration process raises concerns, especially in spin-off or divestment deals where just one part of the business is moving ownership.

The Cloud – Debunking the Myth

Mid-sized businesses are head down, wrestling with constantly evolving operational challenges, from skills shortages to supply chain delays and raging inflation. Management teams lack the time and often confidence to explore technology innovation and, as a result, too many companies are missing vital opportunities to cut costs, boost efficiency and reach new customers.

Cloud Analytics: Growth through strategic decision-making

Analytics and the cloud can play a critical role in optimizing IT operations, streamlining processes, building high-performance teams, and ensuring data security for the organisation. It frees up resources to work on innovation rather than worrying about break-fixes and trying to keep services online. This article explores key benefits businesses stand to gain by moving analytics to the cloud.