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Unlocking productivity and efficiency gains with data management

Enterprise data has been closely linked with hardware for numerous years, but an exciting transformation is underway as the era of the hardware businesses is gone. With advanced data services available through the cloud, organisations can forego investing in hardware and abandon infrastructure management in favour of data management.

Ransomcloud: a growing threat vector to be taken seriously

It was only a matter of time before ransomware groups got attracted by the gravity of valuable corporate data in the cloud. With new malware tactics they are exploiting cloud-specific vulnerabilities like Log4J to infect and steal corporate cloud data, a trend referred to as ransomcloud. Companies need to strengthen the cyber resiliency of their multicloud environments, enhance their abilities to identify symptoms of attacks, and, if necessary, be able to restore quickly.

Endpoint security ‘non-existent’ at many organisations

Half (49%) of respondents to a recent Twitter poll carried out by Osirium Technologies describe their organisation’s endpoint management security as ‘non-existent’. One in 10 (11%) admit that it is their lowest priority. For one fifth of respondents (21%) it’s simply ‘a tick-box exercise’.

Zerto and IDC Release New Ransomware Report

According to new research by Zerto and IDC, almost two-thirds of organisations have responded to a cyberattack with a disaster recovery solution in the last 12 months. The impact of ransomware and significant growth in unrecoverable data highlights the need for effective disaster recovery responses.

The ransomware hacker’s toolkit

Mike Sentonas, CTO at CrowdStrike looks at the ransomware hacker’s toolkit and how it is vital that companies understand more about the modus operandi of cyber criminals.

7 strategies for CSO cybersecurity survival

Adrian Taylor, VP of EMEA at A10 Networks, lays out 7 key strategies that can streamline the workload of chief security professionals. The result is a must read for CSOs, CIOs and CISOs, but also CEOs that may be delegating an overwhelming workload to their security teams. 

Breaking out of the vicious cycle of ransomware attacks

Ransomware has quickly become one of the most prevalent cyber threats facing organizations today. The cyber criminal community has latched onto this attack method because infections can quickly cause devastating damage to the victim, and strikes are incredibly easy to launch at scale. 

In this article, cybersecurity expert Ed Williams of Trustwave SpiderLabs, discusses what happens when ransomware hits the network and how organizations can stop themselves falling victim to ransomware again and again.

Ransomware surges in, and the data floods out

Prior to his role at IntSights, Paul Prudhomme worked in cyber threat intelligence at Deloitte and VeriSign’s iDefense. Through the following article, Paul aims to raise awareness around the evolution of ransomware and current threats to business data. Prudhomme discusses how criminals are deploying ransomware and what business leaders need to know when it comes to protecting themselves against data leakage.