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The race to dominate the AI space

The launch of Chat GPT-4 in March of this year provided the catalyst for a conversation that has been gaining momentum for some time now: How will artificial intelligence (AI) change the world?

Bridging maritime’s skills chasm with technology in 2023

The maritime industry is currently facing an enormous skills shortage, as crew numbers continue to decline. What’s more, the number of incoming seafarers is also not rising fast enough, and action must be taken now for maritime to continue to operate effectively. We foresee the uptake of digital technologies – such as VR and mixed reality training – to soar in 2023; helping the industry to more cost-effectively train staff and bridge the digital skills chasm.

Students pursue digital skills to improve careers

Standout findings include that two fifths (41%) of students in England can currently code or are learning to, and almost a third (27%) can do so in more than one language.
The figures for learning to code across Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland were 38%, 32% and 25% respectively.