OVHcloud Is at the Forefront of the Data Revolution

Who Is OVHcloud?

OVHcloud is an alternative cloud provider. As such, we fall into a small group of fewer than two dozen worldwide cloud providers, just below the top five hyperscalers.

OVHcloud started nearly 24 years ago as the first, and still the largest, European-owned cloud provider. Globally, we serve 1.6 million customers from 140 countries across 37 data centers.

In 2017, OVHcloud US was launched in the U.S. market and has become OVHcloud’s fastest-growing region.

OVHcloud is vertically integrated to empower organizations to realize the vast possibilities promised by cloud computing. Because we own the full lifecycle, from server manufacturing to network building, we have a great deal of flexibility and control.

OVHcloud provides business customers like you with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to capture growing demand for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies while meeting the surging demand for data sovereignty and trusted cloud solutions.

Why Choose OVHcloud US as Your Cloud Provider?

The dominance of the hyperscale cloud providers has come at a high cost. Predatory pricing, vendor lock-in, burdensome and multi-year enterprise licensing agreements, and the cloud-complexity skills-gap drain on engineering talent have all created barriers to moving to the cloud.

OVHcloud is the trusted, highly respected cloud provider that enables each person and organization to create and do business freely by removing the hurdles to enable digital transformation and cloud migration.

Key Qualities at the Heart of the Alternative Cloud World We Are Championing

Vertical Integration – OVHcloud’s vertical integration, coupled with the fact that we own our own network, allows us to squeeze costs. From engineering to server manufacturing, infrastructure design to data center management, we keep costs under control. Manufacturing our own products also gives us a great deal of agility and flexibility.

Price Predictability and Transparency – OVHcloud owns its network, so there are no hidden fees – no ingress or egress fees* or charges for API calls. With no fluctuating invoices, you can plan for and manage your operational expenses.

Reversibility and Flexibility – OVHcloud products are built on open or well-known industry standards, such as OpenStack, with no cloud vendor lock-in. Your workloads are interoperable by design, and that gives you the opportunity to move them anywhere – whether within OVHcloud or to other locations or other clouds. We certainly support a multi-cloud approach.

Innovative and Sustainable by Design – From the beginning, OVHcloud has been committed to reducing IT component waste, optimizing data center energy consumption, and innovating for more efficient cooling systems. In 2003, OVHcloud introduced the concept of water-cooling CPUs to conserve energy. Today, we are paving a path to a purely renewable energy mix by 2025 and plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2030. We maximize our component lifecycles through second- and third-life products. In fact, 45% of the servers are made with reused components.

*For object storage and cloud archive some fees apply.

OVHcloud Portfolio of Products and Services

Bare Metal Cloud – At OVHcloud, our bare-metal servers are the cornerstone of our approach to the cloud. Similar to what is used to in an on-premise environment, customers have the ability to build servers and customize them to the unique specifications required to run their applications, including BIOS-level access, options for high IOPS disks and GPUs. DDoS protection and unlimited traffic come standard. Most configurations are available within 2 to 4 minutes. Our objective is to provide the market with a vast range of servers to meet the requirements and price points that customers need to meet their challenges.

• Enterprise-class servers are our most powerful servers with the latest technology and offer the highest SLAs and uptime guarantees.

• Business range offers servers featuring processors allowing you to build infrastructure for development and production environments.

• Eco range is composed of second- and third-life servers best adapted to suit a wide range of uses for those who need reliability at the best price.

OVHcloud Bare MetaI Servers Deliver Diverse SLAs – choose what works best for you.

Hosted Private CloudOVHcloud was the first to bring VMware to the cloud in 2011. It allows you to leverage the market-leading capabilities of VMware in a unified architecture using familiar tools. It addresses use cases such as on-demand capacity disaster recovery or backup using the same expertise already used for operational continuity. And it will consistently cost less to run a hosted private cloud environment because OVHcloud does not charge for data traffic or bandwidth usage.

Public CloudOVHcloud Public Cloud provides an extensive range of services, from a free, managed Kubernetes to an S3 storage solution, with the flexibility needed to build and run any applications that need to massively scale and be extremely resilient. Pay-as-you-go computing services, built on open-source standards such as OpenStack and Kubernetes, ensure portability and hybridity. These services provide maximum scalability and continuity.

OVHcloud vRack – vRack allows multiple servers to communicate privately, regardless of the number and physical locations, by connecting them to a virtual switch within the same private network. Your servers can communicate securely within a dedicated VLAN. Building your private network with vRack enables you to isolate critical servers within your private VLAN. Your data is secure, and communication between your servers isn’t routed via the public network.

OVHcloud APIOVHcloud API is a set of web services allowing OVHcloud customers to buy, manage, upgrade and configure OVHcloud products without using the graphical customer interface (OVHcloud Control Panel). Based on the “latest RESTful API,” you’ll be able to manage nearly everything in the OVHcloud world by using simple API functions and small code samples developed in your favorite language. Using the API explorer (console), you can browse the API to discover all available functions by OVHcloud products. You can also select a product and browse the dedicated API to discover related actions.

Karen Kokiko

Senior Product Marketing Manager, OVHcloud US

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