Ab Initio partners with BT Group to deliver big data

AI is becoming an increasingly important element of the digital transformation of many businesses. As well as introducing new opportunities, it also poses a number of challenges for IT teams and the data teams supporting them. Ab Initio has announced a partnership with BT Group to implement its big data management solutions on BT’s internal...

Innovating the workplace with effective cloud technology.

Although cloud technology is not a new technology, its continuous progression has made it become the most effective delivery model for information and services using existing technologies. By Rukmini Glanard, EVP Global Sales, Service and Marketing at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Cloudbusting for B2B and B2C

I have worked in the IT industry for more than three decades, and have witnessed a huge number of innovations in that time. By Robert Baker, CEO and Founder of GAT Labs.

Is the cloud right for my business?

The cloud is a revolutionary computing paradigm that has completely transformed the way we do business – not least by generating significant efficiencies across the board for organizations large and small. By John Blackburn, Central Networks’ operations director.

How to go headless without losing it.

Headless means different things to different businesses, so finding the best advice and applying it is not easy, particularly as there are so many myths around the subject. By: Peter Youell, EVP Technology at Astound Commerce.

The great workplace return.

90% of Employees Say Being Back In-Office Is Better Than Expected, Envoy Survey Reports. The way we work, interact, and communicate in the workplace has been flipped on its head since the pandemic. By:

The advantages of distributed cloud.

Distributed cloud is a mix of on-premise and (multi-) cloud computing in which the control plane for the on-premise part of the system matches that of the cloud(s). By Jim Webber, at Neo4j.

Be resilient during the global financial downturn

According to a 2022 survey, business leaders around the world cited economic conditions and inflationary pressures as a “top risk” when assessing their digital growth opportunities – not only for this year but as far ahead as 2031. By: Eberhardt Weber, founder and CEO of Emporix.